Top Tips for Recording the Best Amp Sounds

If you have bought an amp, you might want to get the best sound out of it. If you are using the best amps, you can read Hartke Bass Amp reviews to know how it actually works.

Using the following techniques, you can easily get the best out of your amp –

Consider changing the tubes

  • If you think your amp is not working properly, you should replace the tube instead of the strings.
  • Different amps have different tubes and rating. Make sure you listen properly before picking the best one.

Try using more than one mic

  • When you record for yourself, try using more than just one mic.
  • If you cannot afford to buy another one, you can try hiring or borrowing from someone else.

Use More than one Amp

  • If you can manage it, try using more than one amp just like two mics.
  • Having two or more amps can provide more options when it comes to mixdown.

Try compressing the room

  • To ensure great sound, you should apply compression to the mic in the room.
  • Also, ensure not to compress excessively so that it does not attack out of the notes.